Individual Life

The peace of mind your family needs

Keeping your loved ones safe and protected is important to you. You spend most of your life building a happy and comfortable life for them.


Smart Life provides your loved ones with the financial support needed to overcome life’s unforeseen challenges.

If something unfortunate were to happen to you, their future needs to be well protected and their lifestyle sustained.

Smart Life Plan

In the unfortunate event of your passing, due to an accident or as a result of sickness, AXA provides you with financial support directly to your designated beneficiaries so that your loved ones can:

• Make up for your lost income

• Ensure your children’s education is provided for

• Sustain the support to an elderly family member

• Settle your outstanding personal debts

• Maintain your family’s lifestyle


General Features & Benefits

Smart Life plan provides coverage for:

• Natural Death Benefit - due to sickness*

• Accidental Death Benefit*

• Common Carrier Benefit* – accidental death due to a collision, crash or sinking of a licensed common carrier.

Smart Life Plan is the easiest and most cost-effective way to provide financial security to your loved ones.


*Insurance automatically stops as soon as the benefit is paid.

How to submit your claim

In the unfortunate incident of the loss of the Insured Person under a Smart Life Policy, the Beneficiary may claim directly to AXA :

1. Fill out this form

2. Send it on the following email address:







Why AXA?

  • Easy to apply for and cost-effective

  • Make up for the lost income

  • Fund your children’s education

  • Ensures all remaining debts are paid off