DHA new regulation for corporates

With the Dubai Health Authority’s mandatory health insurance scheme now in its third and final phase, companies are expected to ensure that all their employees are covered by health insurance before 30th of June. Henceforth, any employee who holds a valid residence permit issued by Emirates of Dubai must also be covered throughout the period of residency.


Having completed the first phase including companies with more 1,000 employees insured in 2014, and the second phase including companies with 999 to 100 employees insured in 2015, the Dubai Health Authority has confirmed that 75 per cent of Dubai expatriates are now covered by insurance, thanks to the mandatory health insurance program.


The last phase of the scheme requires companies with less than 100 employees to be covered by insurance by the end of June 2016 to avoid penalties imposed by Executive Council Resolution No. 7 of 2016. Companies failing to adhere to the rule before this timeline will be penalized with a fine of AED 500 per employee for every month of delay, which can go up to AED 500,000. If the violator repeats the same offense within one year of the date of the first fine, the fine amount is doubled. Furthermore, the visa issuance may be delayed or stopped by the relevant authorities if the requirements of health insurance as mandated by the Law are not met.


In line with the program and approved by the Dubai Health Authority, AXA Gulf is pleased to offer you the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), ensuring the medical needs of employees working in large corporations and SMEs are adequately met. 


Moreover, as a Participating Insurer (PI), AXA Gulf’s Essential Benefits Plan has been specifically designed  to  target  lower  salary  bracket  segment  offering  health  insurance  coverage to eligible members with  a  valid  Dubai  residency  permit. 


Upholding its customer-centric approach, AXA Gulf has formulated a specialized team of  insurance  experts  to  assist  human  resource  and  administration  divisions  of companies in making this transition complete with live support including a 24/7 call center and a dedicated toll free number to obtain more information on the Essential Benefits Plan.


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