Protecting your most important assets

As a business owner, you need to provide your employees with the highest standards of security and 24/7 worldwide coverage to maximise their satisfaction and loyalty to your company.

AXA’s dedicated team of experts can work with you to optimise your costs and benefits received based on our proven experience in employees’ benefits and risk management.

Knowing that your employees and their families are well protected, positively impacts the company’s productivity as well as improve motivation at the workplace, support talent retention and dramatically increase the attractiveness of your organisation for potential recruits.

That is why AXA offers you with coverage that ensures your employees and their families are taken care of financially during difficult periods in their life, as well as providing them with continuous assistance and practical support services.

your employees will benefit from a carefully selected range of insurance benefits for their peace of mind in case of any unforeseen events:

- A total sum insured for all benefits.

- 24/7 worldwide coverage, valid also for family members.

- Simple and quick claiming process.

And your company will benefit from: 

- Motivation and retention of employees, and therefore improved productivity.

- Image improvement and attractiveness for potential recruits.

- Competitive group rates.

Death any cause

Group Life Benefits in case of death, no matter what the reason is, including natural causes.

Accidental Death

Specific Benefit in case of accidental death during a business or private trip

AXA pays a double indemnity to the family

Disability (Accident and/or Illness)

Protects employees in the event of an accident or sickness which results in their inability to perform their work normally, either permanently or temporarily.


Service to manage costs and formalities for recovering the employee’s body from a foreign country or within the home country.

Medical Expenses

Reimbursement of expenses for medical, surgical or hospitalisation needs as consequence of an accident.                                                                                                         

Critical Illness

If the employee is diagnosed with a critical illness which is insured under the policy, AXA pays a lump sum to cover medical expenses or other related costs that can arise from the illness when health insurance does not suffice.

Assistance services

AXA supports the employees and their families when they need it the most, wherever they are. We manage emergencies during their business or personal trips and make sure they are never left alone.

Why AXA?

  • Global policy administration standards

  • Single point of contact for all your business needs

  • Strong underlying financial security