Cover you employees against any accident

Group Personal Accident Insurance is ideal for companies to insure their employees; covering occupational accidental bodily injuries during the period of employment.


As one of the most important asset of your company, your employees need protection against several types of unfortunate events. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide them with a comprehensive cover.

We believe that employees prefer to experience peace of mind in the office environment and know that their employers care about their wellbeing. This is why providing good coverage that leads to an increase in employee retention, loyalty and productivity.

Your employees should be protected outside the office as well. An accident may not occur at your business premise or as a result of a work-related injury. That is why you need around-the-clock cover that protects your employees and keep your business safe. You can choose to cover your employees against any accident during working hours or extended the cover to 24/7 at no extra cost.

AXA’s Group Personal Accident insurance policy covers financial costs during the unfortunate event of an accident resulting in an injury or loss of life.

This policy ensures the welfare of your employee’s family is secured. AXA provides the below services to help your family maintain their current lifestyle.

We also cover the medical expenses due to an accident.

The hospital bills are usually covered by your health insurance, however with this policy you get additional lump sum amount as repayment of medical, surgical or hospital fees necessarily incurred as a result of an accident.)

• Worldwide 24/7 protection for your employees

• No medical examination required for enrollment

Our policy covers the expenses in case of an accident which leads to:

• Death: An unexpected event caused by violent, sudden, external and visible means causing death

Repatriation Expenses: Transportation of bodily remains of the Insured Person(s)

• Permanent Total Disablement

• Permanent Partial Disablement


*For the full list of covers please refer to the policy wording


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